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Odd Wit and Other Bits: Proverbial Adages and Otherwise

Odd Wit and Other Bits: Proverbial Adages and Otherwise Odd Wit and Other Bits: Proverbial Adages and Otherwise is Keith Stanley-Mallett's newest volume.

It was published in March, 2012. To learn more, or to buy the book, please see the purchasing page.

The author says that the collection "offers echoes of the past that mingle with the present and projected images of diverse future paths. Together, they give a natural feel and theme for this book of contemporary verse."

You may read some excerots from the book, below.

Excerpts from Odd Wit and Other Bits
by Keith Stanley-Mallett

The Picture

A scenery of greenery,
The color of freshness,
Spreading profusely
Verdant and restless.

The beauty of nature
Full-budding and reaching,
Quietly living, exotic
In life, so varied, revealing.

Creating the landscape,
The setting we live in,
Providing the picture
Of country and living.

Past and Future Path

The path upon which we tread
Is not a common way,
Thus, each must choose the road
They will travel on each day.

For some, and easy path,
Others a stony route take,
More, a hard and winding way,
A few, ease and happiness make.

No matter the road you take,
To unknown destiny they run,
Each of us a tarveller
On a highway, long begun.

Whether road or simple track
All are a chosen path,
Taking you to the future
From a long and distant past.

Evening Light

The sun glints a sulphurous yellow,
As the last of the evening light
Penetrates the low cloud
Illuminating the wet, still sight
Of trees, and hedge-bounded fields,
Reflecting brightly from little rivers
Of trapped water drops, surface caught
Like a million tiny mirrors.

An aftermath of early June rain
That swept from the brooding sky,
To feed the thirst of country green,
Blossom and bloom, all, to the eye.
Thus, the last of sunlight fades
In the deepening twilight,
With ground and plant full-quenched
To await the cool of night.

The Unseen Web

Electromagnetic force
Is the future of power;
Its radiant energy attracts
Repulses or endows —

A field with magnetic force
According to induction,
Neutralising gravity
According to construction.

It is the best way forward
For it harnesses gravity,
Magnetic lines around the earth
Are just the first of many.

Throughout the deep, dark spaces
Gravitational effects,
Are spread throughout the cosmos
Magnetic lines intercept —

To power tomorrow's motor,
Ever present unseen web
Of electromagnetic fields,
On which the future is fed.

An idea
For harnessing gravity against itself
Utilising electromagnetic force as a power source.

The Wonder of Things

We are surrounded by things
Objects and life to convince,
Man can make complex machines
Yet not the creative blueprint.
Of life in all its forms
Each a wonder of nature,
Originality is shown
So diverse of feature.
Who could create an orange
When an orange did not exist?
An apple, plum or strawberry
Rain, hot sun or fine damp mist.

What would the English do
Without their cucumber sandwich,
The rose, potato, tea to cheer
And the butterfly that flits.
Or the silver moon on high,
Romantic light that shines
Upon a diamond ring,
Stone and metal made sublime.
Every natural thing
Brought into being and mind,
Is a wonder of complexity
Wrought by the spirit of time.

In the Tall Grass

In the tall grass yonder
Who can say what is hidden?
Creatures we do not know
Lurking there unbidden.

Or little country mice
Playing amongst the stalks
Hiding from the tomcat
Who goes there on his walks.

There, wild flowers also hide
Clustered low to the ground,
Sheltered by the tall grass
Unseen and unbound.

And perhaps hidden there
Young lovers think it's right,
Their love and caresses
Are exchanged out of sight.

In the tall grass yonder
Are the secrets that last,
So natural a place
To hide, in the tall, tall grass.

The Way?

In these contemporary times
With so-called progression,
Comes the modern terrorist
Who thinks he has possession
Of the way we should live,
As he with those who conceived,
They have the God-given right
To force on us their beliefs.
Are simply just dangerous
Children bereft of enlightenment,
Held in a lock of a thousand years
Deprived of such new light sent,
As may have opened their eyes
And sight with wisdom augment.

Universal Reality

There are many beliefs
That people hold in mind,
Basic thoughts and folklore
Diverse in logic, find
Myths and religion play
A most important part,
For down the centuries come
Stories of civilization's start.

From places far and wide
Mountain, hill and valley,
Tales of the beginning
Simplistic and complex, tally.

Speaking of god and gods,
Angels and mythical forms,
Cities and structures built
To teach and reform.
Gods or aliens from the past
Began to teach us parity
Wisdom to understand
Universal reality.

Sparky — A Cat

When a little heart does stop
And a little mind goes to sleep,
The four little feet are stilled
No longer fast and fleet.

Swishing tail, pointed ears,
Bright eyes and long whiskers
Have gone, leaving only
A feline spirit to whisper —

Softly in the air, pad of paws
Meow in greeting and pleasing purr,
That so often we heard each day,
And on the floor tufts of fur.

Now all that he was in life
Becomes for us, just memories,
Of a pet, a cat, a friend
Gone to rest where'er he is.

Ho! To a Glass

Ho! To a glass of rich red wine
With fruit of grape red as blood,
To lift the spirits of the day
An intoxicating flood —

That rushes to the head
Creating for a short time,
A light-hearted merriment
Confusingly sublime.

Yet what of fiery drinks
Brandy, rum and whiskey,
That lift you by the bootstraps
And do it so briskly?

Can leave your nerves a-tingling
Turn you into a comic,
Unless you have the head for it
You should stick with gin and tonic.

Many a Verse

Many a verse I have written
Many a verse did impart,
Brought forth as I did see
Wrought true from mind and heart.
Though sight can be obscured
And truth hard to define,
When putting pen to paper
Observed more than the rhyme.

The beauty of the world
And all that lies within it,
Should be revered and understood
For it makes amends for evil writ.
And all the ugliness seen,
That infiltrates the spirit,
Offends the eye and discerning mind,
Thus in pleasure, do share it.