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Beneath Rose-Lemon Skies, Books I & II

Beneath Rose-Lemon SkiesBeneath Rose-Lemon Skies is a collaboration. Book I presents poems by Keith Stanley-Mallett, while Book II includes poems by Elizabeth Stanley-Mallett. The book as a whole is 168 pages.

Below, you'll find a selection of poems from both books.

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Poems from Beneath Rose-Lemon Skies, Book I
by Keith Stanley-Mallett


To sleep is but a shallow death
Born of fatigue and necessity,
To sleep is but to leave for rest
All consciousness and reality.

To drift unconscious and alone
To where time itself stands still.
For the inner mind, dreams, to roam,
For you are all, existence fill'd.

And thus in stasis lost for thought,
While drifting endless, remaining,
Unthinking and uncaring, brought
Back to life, by nature's waking.

Tell Me Now

Tell me now, what can I do
To understand the world?
Is it just that I refuse
As some, to be compelled?

Tell me now, what do you say,
Do you have an answer?
Why is it, I need to know
There's such cruel drama?

Tell me now, I need to learn
Why ignorance abounds?
When some look the other way
And stupidity confounds.

Tell me now, then, if you can
Why such evil remains?
I can only understand,
Humanity's to blame.

The Tale-Teller

A tale in the telling
Is as many a tale is told
And the telling of every tale
Is, the listener's ear to hold.

Therein lies such art
As touches in part, romance,
With skill, the teller spins
The tale, the more to enhance —

Telling of such a tale,
To weave each word like magic,
Binding all in a spell
Interwoven with the fabric —

Of a tale-teller's story,
As he illustrates each moment
With changing pitch and tone,
Telling of total involvement.

A Ship of Shadows

There is a story, long since told,
A tale from ages past,
Of mystery and legend born
From night-dark shadows cast

There floats a ship, a darkened ship,
She rides the northern skies,
And no one knows from whence she comes
Or goes, or where she plies.

Her hull and masts of shadows made,
Her sails of white moonlight,
Starlit lanterns a-glinting clear
Proclaim her part of night.

And of the crew who sail the ship
Not one have yet been seen,
For faerie-spirit some have said
Do crew the ship unseen.

She sails the mists of mystery,
A ship of moonlit shadows,
She rides the northern winter skies
Beneath the stars, above the snows.

She rides the glowing ghostly clouds
That fly before the wind,
And race across the moon's lit face
Like fish on silver fins.

When moonlight fades, and shields her face
The ship cannot be seen,
Yet travels through the heavens still,
Unknown, in secrecy.

No sound is heard, no joyous song,
No merriment is found,
Some say we only see and hear
What mystery allows.

Her voyage is unknown to all
And her identity,
Perhaps one night, we may see her,
With banners flying free.

With hull and masts of shadows made
And sails of white moonlight,
Riding the northern winter skies
Amidst a star-set night.

Time and the Hour

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock
The hours slip by as always
From this o'clock to that o'clock
And the second hand obeys
As it sweeps around non-stop,
While the striking chime proclaims
The hour, the pendulum cares not,
But swings through its vertical plane,
As is its lot.

For time and the hour,
Is ecumenical,
The clock has no power
It's just mechanical.

An English Lane

And does the English lane
Still exist,
To meander to where
One would wish,
To see and hear summer's
Beauty 'midst,
The fields and meadows near,
Of birdsong
And sight of fallow deer,
Plough'd furlong,
The dark running hedge
Of hawthorn.

Pink and white of wild rose
Haw and hip,
With the sloe of blackthorn
T-gether sit,
Bordering the wayside
Leading to,
An English cottage quaint,
Of straw roof,
With its two guarding geese
Apple tree
And cat upon the porch,
As English
Country lanes should be.

Poems from Beneath Rose-Lemon Skies, Book II
by Elizabeth Stanley-Mallett

Winter Sun

Summer's reign has gone,
The sun is low in the sky.
November comes along
With bonfires and a guy.

Weaken'd warmth on field
Winter wheat, now sprouting green.
Tractors haul sugar beet yield
As trees grow stark and lean.

Flowing full and high
The river dark, fast running.
Moorhens timid, shy,
Retreating, ever shunning.

Birds hunt hips and haws
Storing fat for cold to come,
Mobbed by greedy jackdaws
Snatching each precious crumb.

Crimson, now the ray
Dips lazy in the west.
Loath to leave the weary day
Is forced at last to rest.

The Village

A tiny dot on the map
Fertile land, outlying farm,
Clustered, rustic cottages
Quintessential charm.

Standing in the blacksmith's shop
Far too close to forge,
Hampering the busy smith,
The idiot, called George.

Once it had a village store,
Bright Aladdin's cave,
Selling necessary goods
Food and so much more.

The church high upon the hill
Master of the scene,
Dwarfing everything in sight
That's built around the green.

Serving all the country folk
As sails go whizzing round,
The miller turns the local wheat
To flour, rough and brown.

Horses drink from the village pond
Where frogs congregate to spawn,
Cartwheels soak, to swell the wood,
And field mice in the corn.

Little Bun'

I'm just a little bun'
Hopping on the ground,
Chewing up the shoots
Eating is such fun.

I'm just a little bun'
I thump when a-feared,
When something's not right
I run and run.

I'm just a little bun'
Foes I have plenty,
Trying to catch hold of me
But I am only one.

I'm just a little bun'
One of many that abound,
We must learn to avoid
All humans when they come.

I'm just a little bun'
I have an urge to dig
Under the garden fence
And nibble in the sun.

Our Team of Two

Two together is the norm
My husband true, and I,
We've queried aspects of life
To find the reasons why.

The love of my honest man
Is worth all the gold in mines,
Our team of two will overcome
All problems that we find.

We pull together our team of two,
Side by side, day by day,
Expressing words and ideas
In our individual way.

Our team of two match each other
Perfectly we display,
Harmony in thought and deed
At our work and play.

Our team of two laughs a lot
Amusement easy to find,
Funny chat and discourse apt
Tension leaves behind.

A team of two ploughs the field
One horse will not do,
On my own I can't succeed
My husband, I need you.

Our team of two has projects new
That we will keep alive,
With love and trust we soldier on
Together we'll survive.