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Odd Wit and Other Bits:
Proverbial Adages and Otherwise

Odd Wit and Other Bits: Proverbial Adages and Otherwise Odd Wit and Other Bits: Proverbial Adages and Otherwise is Keith Stanley-Mallett's newest volume.

It was published in March, 2012. To learn more, or to buy the book, please see the purchasing page.

The author says, "For me this is a foray into another field. This diverse work, which I hope the reader will find interesting, is made up of proverbial rhyming adages and other bits. Most of the contents have come down to use over the years, together with a few contemporary observations, some of which are my own."

You may read some excerpts from the book, below.

Excerpts from Odd Wit and Other Bits
by Keith Stanley-Mallett


Whether the weather
Is fair or worse,
Weather is always
Subject to converse.


And when the penny finally drops
In humanity's collective mind,
They will put aside primitive acts
And in peace will advance mankind.


Why is it things all happen at once
In some mischievous way?
Could it just be coincidence?
Or something sinister at play?


Those who live in glass houses
Shouldn't throw stones,
Or undress with the lights on
Exposing faults of their own.


Should we spring into action
When spring again arrives?
Or is spring already sprung
When we reach thirty-five?


What tales there were
Of faerie told
Of rainbows and
Their pots of gold!


All for one and one for all
Is the romantic cry;
It's such a noble call
To sacrifice and die.


He'll run a mile,
So the saying goes,
If you try to force him
Even though he shows
He doesn't want to know.


What goes up
Must come down,
Except the spirit
Beauty and sound.


The fullness of time
Brings many things
Wisdom and age,
Memories that cling.


They say that music goes round and round,
Just like everything else,
In life we've found.


Money doesn't create happiness
Is an old saying,
But it goes a damn long way
Towards its claiming.


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers
Peter Piper Picked?


Everything that glitters
Is not gold;
Many a fool, worthless
Dreams did hold.


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor,
Counting fruit stones
On the side dish
Is such strange behaviour.


There's a time to be born;
There's a time to die,
Which no one can alter
Neither you or I.


Cabbages and kings
Are often involved
In stories and rhymes
The young and old.


Dandelions and daisies,
Poppies galore,
Brighten each meadow,
Each wayside and moor.


Out of the mouths of babes -
Truth often comes forth
From those not tainted with life.
The young who have not yet set course
Upon the harsh road of reality
Are clear of mind and free
And see beyond the mundane,
Through the shackles of the mind, to see
With a clarity a life unbounded,
Not shackled as most humanity.
Clearly defined are the answers,
Yet simply combined with honesty;
and what is plain to thee and me:
Thus understanding reason
Both old and young in wisdom be.